Rhodiola Rosea, also known as ‘Hong Jing Tian’, is a perennial flowering plant, native to cold climates such as those in Northern China and Siberia.  It has been used therapeutically in many cultures for thousands of years. Rhodiola Rosea is classed as an adaptogen herb, helping the body to deal with various types of stress, anxiety and fatigue.  It has been shown to be effective in reducing symptoms of burnout following periods of chronic stress.  Rhodiola can increase the body and mind’s resilience to stress, and may also help with depression.

Our Rhodiola Rosea comes from China and is harvested in the wild so it cannot get organic status; however, you can be sure that no fertilisers or pesticides have been used in its production.  As this plant can stimulate the immune system, it may worsen autoimmune diseases such as MS and rheumatoid arthritis.